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Strontium Citrate 350mg.

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Strontium is a trace mineral in the diet whose metabolism
is closely tied to that of calcium, and which concentrates in the skeletal
system, where it supports the function of osteoblasts (the cells which form new
bone) while reducing the differentiation and activity of osteoclasts (the cells
which resorb old bone).

Extensive evidence supports a role for strontium in skeletal health.

Strontium is a mineral found along with calcium in most
foods. Research has long suggested that it may be an essential nutrient required
for the normal development, structure, function, and health of the skeletal
system. Clinical trials going back into the 1940s have supported this
conclusion, but recent studies have provided evidence that it can offer unique
nutritional support against loss of bone structure and function.

Animal studies have shown that Strontium supplements both decrease bone
resorption, and increase the formation of new bone tissue.

?In animal models, Strontium (in various forms, such as chloride, carbonate, and
ranelic acid salt) causes ?baby? osteoblasts (bone-building cells) to multiply
more quickly.

?Bone tissue cultures which are exposed to Strontium synthesize more bone matrix
and new bone collagen. The same amount of calcium (in various forms, including
the ranelic acid salt) has no effect on these parameters.

?In bone tissue culture, Strontium reduces bone resorption at concentrations at
which calcium has no effect, prevents the resorption caused by excessive
parathyroid hormone, and slows the rate at which immature osteoclasts develop.

?Strontium-supplemented diets boost bone strength in experimental animals
without a negative impact on bone quality, even at extremely high doses.Human clinical trials also support Strontium?s ability to both support new bone
formation and prevent excessive resorption.

?The results of early clinical trials using Strontium (lactate) led researchers
to speculate that Strontium increased osteoblast activity.

?Bone biopsies from a small human pilot trial revealed an astounding 172.4%
increase in new bone formation after six months of Strontium (gluconate)

?The bone-building activity of osteoblasts can be measured using bone-specific
alkaline phosphatase, while crosslinked N-telopeptide (NTx) and C-telopeptide (CTx)
mark the degradation of bone collagen by ravaging osteoclasts. The use of these
tests in large clinical trials (using the ranelic acid salt of Strontium) has
confirmed that Strontium supplements decrease bone resorption and also stimulate
bone-building osteoblast activity and new bone formation in women with

Recent large-scale, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials using the ranelic
acid salt of Strontium have proven that Strontium supplements combined with
calcium and vitamin D dramatically build bone mass, reduce the incidence of
spinal deformities, and slash hip fracture risk compared to calcium and vitamin
D alone.

?In a three-year trial involving 1649 women with postmenopausal osteoporosis,
women receiving only calcium and vitamin D suffered the loss of 1.3% of their
lower spinal BMD, while women also taking Strontium supplements at 680
milligrams per day increased their bone mass by an astounding 14.4% at the
spine, and by 8.3% in the large bone at the top of the thigh.

?Women taking Strontium supplements were spared 41% of the new vertebral
fractures that befell women taking calcium and vitamin D alone.




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