Regenerative Orthopedic Program

Regenerative Orthopedics Program

The regenerative orthopaedic program offered by Dr. Bronner Handwerger NMD and  Integrative Health Solutions is a combination of cutting-edge and advanced technologies, which include regenerative injection therapies, as well as targeted physical therapies.

With our experience, we understood long ago that by combining the regenerative injection therapies with targeted physical therapy we were able to resolve many issues that were not able to be resolved with either therapy on its own.

The combination of different therapies and the modalities during the healing process guarantees improved outcomes.

At Integrative Health Solutions, we provide affordable packages that combine these therapies. Through our regenerative orthopedics program, the patient receives the regenerative injections that are needed to initiate the healing process which is then followed by advanced and targeted physical therapy treatments.

Regenerative injections therapy promises to offer natural solutions which help in accelerating the overall healing of the injuries.

Dr. Bronner Handwerger NMD and Integrative Health Solutions have helped many patients recover faster for over 15 years.

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