PRP Facial Therapy

PRP Facial Therapy

How does PRP help to rejuvenate the skin?

It is the body cells that do all the work. These cells aid all the tissues in the healing and production of the new cells that are known to be platelets. PRP is then injected inside the areas that are targeted of the skin.

Post this it is the collagen, which is used for regenerating all the tissues and helps in making the skin tight and smooth. It is with the help of PRP that all the wrinkles get softened and help in creating a very levelled skin texture.

How is PRP Treatment Differ from Injections or Fillers?

Around lips and mouth, skin folds and line are very common and are a sign of tired skin. In case of fillers, they only last for about a year and a half and post that, they need to get redone with the consent of the doctor.

In case of PRP treatment, it enables the growth of the collagen and then acts as the stimulation to rejuvenate the entire face, instead of just targeting the wrinkles. PRP also helps in improving the skin tone, filling up of the hollowed cheeks, makes the skin tight and soft, and fills the areas of the skin with the hyaluronic acid issues.


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