New Online Tool to Check the Health of your Heart

A website has been developed by the researchers at Harvard T.H Chan of Public Health to let users determine if they were at risk of developing cardiovascular disease. By understanding the symptoms, they could try and take measures to lower the risks.

There are no charges for taking the “Healthy Heart Score” survey. You answer the questions that are asked in the quiz just as you would answer your family doctor.

If you receive a green, then your chances of a heart attack are low. If it is yellow the danger is moderate and red indicates that you are at risk to developing heart disease.

The data used by researchers to develop the website was based on 61,025 women and 34, 478 men who had no chronic disease when they first began the research in 1986. The research continued for the next 24 years to check how the disease developed in some. They checked various factors such as their eating, smoking and drinking habits. Their weights were checked as well as their exercise regime.

The “Healthy Heart Score” tool also provides tips for changing their lifestyle and leading a healthier life. Research associate, Stephanie Chiuve, department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health says: “The aim of this tool is to encourage people to change their lifestyle habits before they develop heart disease risk factors, like high cholesterol and high blood pressure which often require medication to manage.”

It is a known fact that exercise and diet can promote the well being of individuals in their midlife.

Log on to to try out this survey.

Researchers hope that the above website may help people to lower their risk of death due to cardiovascular disease by 70 to 80%.

The study has been published in the Journal of American Heart Association.