Medical Weight Loss


Lose up to 1 pound a day.

  • Reduce your appetite.
  • Repair your metabolism.
  • Burn stubborn body fat.
  • Shed inches.
  • Increase your energy.

Imagine yourself 20 to 30 pounds lighter...

Your clothes fit and look great on you. You feel confident and attractive. You like what you see when you look in the mirror. Your friends and family compliment you. You have energy to do things like ride a bike, walk on the beach.

You CAN get your body back and have a new outlook on life. Get started today.

At Integrative Health Solution we emphasize a healthy loss of body fat AND a healthy body. You can't have one without the other.

We look at the underlying causes of your weight gain and the reasons why losing weight may be so difficult for you as an individual. Our focus is on a healthy weight loss and lifetime weight loss. It is crucial to look and the entire body and everything that may be going on. By taking a holistic approach your success is maximized.

When you are ready to attack your weight and lose up to 20 pounds or more, then you are ready to choose our Medical Weight Loss program with hCG.

Since 2007 we helped hundreds of patients lose weight and feel great with our HCG program.

We generally prescribe hormones as an injection, as we feel they are more effective in helping to suppress appetite, although other forms are available including sub-lingual, nasal spray and cream. These benefits include maintaining lean mass and basal metabolic rate and alleviating hunger in most clients.

Individualized Programs: What makes our clinic unique is that we look at you as an individual. Through proper testing, detailed consultations and monthly follow-ups, we determine (1) the cause of your weight gain; (2) what health conditions might interfere with your ability to lose weight (for example, medications that you are taking, low thyroid levels, high glucose levels, etc.); and (3) what will best work for you given your individual situation.

Education: The monthly follow-up at IHS allows us to monitor you as you progress through your weight loss program. This is an excellent time for you to ask any questions about weight loss, natural supplements, natural hormones, and other services offered by IHS that might offer benefits to your health program. It is also an excellent time to receive further education on obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Health Benefits: There are many health benefits to reaching your optimal weight. Known benefits include lowering of blood pressure, reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides, leveling out of blood glucose (important in the prevention and treatment of diabetes), insulin sensitivity and reduced stress on your heart. These are in addition to the obvious benefits of looking great and feeling great after losing weight.

Program Fee Includes all of the Following:

Lab Tests: Thyroid panel ( Free T4 and TSH), Lipid profile (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides, cardiac risk factor), Complete Metabolic Panel of 28 tests (blood sugar levels, calcium, protein, kidney and liver functions, cardiac risk factor) and Complete Blood Count Panel of 14 tests (including red cells, white cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit, anemia indices and platelet count) and urine analysis.

Additional tests such as hormones are offered at GREAT SAVINGS. If you believe you need them checked please ask.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Testing

A metabolic assessment measures several things:

• The amount of calories your body needs to function, including everything from regulating your body’s hormones to thinking the thoughts that run through your mind

• The amount of calories you need to consume each day to achieve your fitness goal, whether that’s weight loss goal or greater athletic performance

The assessments give you a snapshot of where you and your body are today, in terms of how your body burns fuel when it is at rest and when it is exercising.

This testing machine will also be used periodically during your program to ensure you are losing unhealthy body fat and NOT MUSCLE.

Baseline Body Measurements: We measure your baseline measurements when you begin and conduct a physical exam.

Medical Consultation: We will conduct a personal medical consultation with you to review your labs, your health history, vital statistics, and personal goals. We will develop an individualized program for you based on this information. Does not include hormone replacement protocols. Please see our women's program. Please speak with our staff who can help you understand your needs. 858-254-5433

Protocol for Diet: Detailed protocol guide of program instructions and information and an additional cookbook will be provided.

My HCG Tracker: Bound, durable daily journal required for tracking food intake and establishing a healthy lifestyle. My HCG Tracker helps you to easily track the foods you eat at each meal. This convenient and simple tracking allows you to see trends that may be causing your weight to stall or gain, an awareness which can ultimately increase your total weight loss.

Weekly Weigh-Ins: 4 weekly weigh in's and follow up to asses your progress and meet with one of our weight loss consultants to discuss your program and success or difficulties. Medical staff also available if needed at additional cost. Weekly Lipo-MIC injection included for 4 weeks. Additional shots can be purchased.

HCG: Each patient receives a 23-37 day supply of prescription hCG. (duration of hCG varies based on individualized dosing requirements, refills are provided at a small cost if needed) hCG is a prescription hormone and as such, true hCG must be prescribed by a qualified doctor. All over the counter products are fake and a fraud.

Supplements: 30 day supply included

Complete Program Cost: $995

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