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Evaluation, Diagnostic & Lab Tests Fee:
$1295 ~ Includes all of the Following:

Initial Lab Tests: Blood is drawn to determine the levels of the following hormones: Total testosterone, Free Testosterone, Estradiol, IGF-1 Free T3, Free T4, TSH, Lipid Profile (cholesterol), Complete Metabolic Panel of 28 tests  including (blood sugar levels, calcium, protein, kidney and liver functions, cardiac risk factor, HBA1C (pre-diabetes and diabetes), and Complete Blood Count Panel of 14 tests including red cells, white cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit, anemia indices and platelet count. Additionally we check your antioxidant levels and the degree of dysbiosis in your GI tract using the Oxidata and Indican tests.

Natural Bioidentical Hormones

BIA assessment
Your metabolism is the most powerful tool you have for EFFICIENTLY training your body to achieve your health and fitness goals in the timeliest way possible.

Forget about charts and averages - there is no such thing as one size fits all..

Get the body you want & perform at your peak without the frustration.

A metabolic assessment measures several things:

• The amount of calories your body needs to function, including everything from regulating your body’s hormones to thinking the thoughts that run through your mind

• The amount of calories you need to consume each day to achieve your fitness goal, whether that’s weight loss goal or greater athletic performance

The assessments give you a snapshot of where you and your body are today, in terms of how your body burns fuel when it is at rest and when it is exercising.

Baseline Body Measurements and physical: We conduct a complete physical exam.

Medical Consultation: We will have a personal consultation with you to review your labs, your health history, vital statistics, and personal goals. We will develop an individualized program for you based on this information.

Monitoring and Optimization Consultation Visits: These are all included in your initial fees for the first year of your program. Included in your health assessment program are:

three week follow-up
three month follow-up ***
six month follow-up
nine month follow-up

***Labs charged separately. Labs at IHS cost range from $95.00 to $175.00 depending on lab necessity. More tests may be requested by patient or medically necessary at additional cost.***

***Medications not included in program fee***

Other visits that may be necessary for review and monitoring or that may be requested by the medical staff or program participant are charged separately.

The purpose of the follow-up visits is to assist in the optimization and balancing of all hormones prescribed for your program, the relief of symptoms and the achievement of optimal health. There are no additional charges for specified follow-up visits during the first year as long as you continue on the program prescribed by the medical staff.

After the first year follow up are required every quarter for patients on hormones.

Additional Lab Tests Available. The following labs may be added/recommended for additional costs:, ABO and RH (blood typing), Vitamin D-OH25, ferritin, a.m. cortisol, homocysteine, CRP (Hi Sens), fasting insulin, IGF-1 (Human Growth Hormone measurement) and others as may be requested by participant or medical staff including hepatitis panel, prolactin, etc.

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